WELCOME to WORTHYVISIONS! You are a CRITICAL part of what happens now and in the future. 

Our Mission

We seek answers to the question “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE AND HOW DO WE GET THERE?”

Our History

Brian Berardo is the founder of Worthyvisions.com.  You can learn more about him at https://bberardo.com. There are many worthy visions out there, as you know.  Here at Worthyvisions we’re about everything from metaphysics to the environment. 

WRT (With Respect To) the environment, we’re particularly concerned about how plastics are contributing to climate change and damaging the oceans that sustain us.  We strongly urge everyone to adopt the three R’s:  REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE.  We have found two organizations that epitomize the caring and dedication we believe is essential if we hope to make an impact on ocean preservation:  OceanConservancy.org and Oceana.org.  At Worthyvisions, we aspire to raise funds for both of these worthy organizations.  How do we do so?  Once Covid calms down a bit, we are looking to organize music concerts and other gatherings here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state and nearby communities, make presentations, and split all revenues obtained between these two distinguished organizations. 

WRT metaphysics, we endorse, and encourage others to consider, the tenets found in the acronym TIMES: Thankfulness, Inspiration, Meditation, Exercise, and Service.

We’re looking to promote and provide information/products/services from diverse worthy individuals, groups and enterprises that seek to enrich ALL our lives; to transform our old economic models of growth and greed to sustainable (durable) and humane models that work with this planet’s finite resources and her beleaguered people and wildlife.  We believe it is an immutable law of the universe that we reap what we sow.  Some might even call it Karma.

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